GoldenLook Premium Quality Resurfacing unconditionally warrants said installation to owner for a full three (3) years from date installed, including materials and labor. If said installation to original owner provides to be defective GoldenLook Premium Quality Resurfacing will repair at no cost. If damage should occur during remaining seven (7) years, GoldenLook Premium Quality Resurfacing will provide materials at no cost and charge the prevailing rate for labor only. 

*Contractor shall not be responsible for earth or ground fill movement, earthquakes, cracks or heaves in existing sub-surface, discoloration, reduction of gloss, hydro-static pressure, adverse local weather conditions, acts of God, negligence or acts of others. 

             WHY GOLDENLOOK?

  • Comfortable to walk on - Hand trowled for the smoothest and flattest surface area!
  • 20 Natural Stone Colors - Can be blended for a custom look.
  • Easy to Clean - 3-4 times a year with a standard garden hose.
  • Stain Resistant - to oil, grease, dirt, food and drinks, etc...
  • Porous - Eliminates standing water and allows for air flow to make surface cooler than concrete!
  • 20 % Elastic - benefitial for area's with ground movement!
  • Durability - 15,000 PSi rating...perfect for driveways and high traffic area's!
  • Easy to repair - Matching stone is left at every new installation for a perfect match if any futures repairs are necessary.
  • Minimal Upkeep - Resealing every 4-5 years vs 1-2 with other products.
  • Quick Install - Quick Cure time - Walk on in 12 hours, drive on in 48!