Since 1976, GoldenLook has been at the forefront of manufacturing and distributing innovative, professional-grade epoxy aggregate flooring solutions.  Today, the family-owned business is the one of a kind providing the premier quality epoxy stone system in DFW!

GoldenLook boasts one of the industry’s largest selections of proprietary customer formulations for decorative commercial and residential concrete applications. From epoxy aggregates, sealants, resins and overlays, the GoldenLook Technology system combines to offer a new-generation of flooring beauty, longevity, cost-efficiency, aesthetic, health and environmental benefits.

Dedicated to continuous research and development, GoldenLook builds and develops flooring solutions that respond to customer’s needs beyond beauty as our epoxy formulations are 100% solids  (meaning that no cheap  solvents or water are used as fillers)–creating the strongest bonding possible of each stone and bonding to the surface. These solvent free (green), land-fill approved and moisture insensitive epoxy resins do not emit harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and are environmentally friendly!

Additionally, GoldenLook Technology’s system products provide the perfect blend of:

  • Fast Curing: Install Today…Walk On Tomorrow!
  • UV Resistant
  • Ergonomic Engineering
  • Slip /Fall Resistant
  • Non-invasive installations
  • Durable in harsh conditions; protects against weathering/erosion
  • Saves on Maintenance Expenses…No stripping, waxing, buffering or polishing!

Unique to the industry, GoldenLook dealers and installation teams are required to be factory-trained and certified on the systems’ products and installation process to ensure maximum durability and performance. This commitment to education continues with annual GoldenLook seminars that advance the system’s technology.

Are you interested in becoming a GoldenLook Premium Distributor? Call Today Toll Free at (855) GL-EPOXY (453-7699)

All of our exclusive formulas are 100% USA-made. GoldenLook achieves beauty with its dedication to providing professional grade products that enhance the your flooring aesthetics with a lifetime of performance advantages.

Take a look at the process! GoldenLook’s special installation process is often a one or two day project. Much more effective and cost efficient than replacing concrete.




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