Bruce BolzenthalBruce Bolzenthal

Bruce Bolzenthal

President & Owner

As the original founder, Bruce works tirelessly with polymer chemists throughout the country to offer the most durable and the most aesthetically pleasing solutions to replacing ugly concrete. He sets the standard of excellence for all of GoldenLook. That is our way of doing business—from the initial consult to finished product—you will be pleased with choosing GoldenLook Premium Quality Resurfacing.

Anne-Marie ShallcrossAnne-Marie Shallcross

Anne-Marie Shallcross

Director of Sales

Anne-Marie grew up helping her father. She can provide many beautiful solutions to a wide array of ugly concrete challenges—some that your general contractor may have even not considered.  At the initial consult, Anne-Marie will bring our product samples to your home or business to create a beautiful and lasting value-add to your property.

Rhonda LifseyRhonda Lifsey

Rhonda Lifsey

Marketing Director

Rhonda is our in-house graphics expert. If you are considering incorporating a logo into your concrete makeover, Rhonda can provide a representation by providing a to-scale image with your stone selection and/or alternatives.

Andrea (on-dray-ah) SamplesAndrea (on-dray-ah) Samples

Andrea (on-dray-ah) Samples

Logistics Director

Andrea is our logistics whiz. GoldenLook offers same day shipping of our online or telephone orders. If you have any questions about ordering from our website or on eBay, give Andrea a call.

David NewberryDavid Newberry

David Newberry

Senior Sales Representative

David is a seasoned veteran with decades of experience in the installation and sales of many different resurfacing systems. Especially knowledgeable in all areas of epoxy stone installation and repairs. David has also been instrumental in the construction many of our local and national tradeshows.

Orvel SternbergOrvel Sternberg

Orvel Sternberg

Dallas Sales Representative

Orvel is our “Sic ‘em Bears” Baylor grad. Orvel was one of our lead salesmen for Goldenlook back in the early 80′s and left to ‘go west young man’ to California. He recently ‘came home’ to Goldenlook as our Dallas area salesman.

Jose “Pepe” DelgadoJose “Pepe” Delgado

Jose “Pepe” Delgado

Fulfillment Manager

Pepe brings over two decades of getting our products out on time. He carefully hand packs all orders as soon as they are received, so you will receive GoldenLook’s premium quality product on a timely basis.

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