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GoldenLook Will Add Years of Visual Beauty to Any Property

GoldenLook is the ideal system for commercial properties. Apartment complexes, hotels, and automobile showrooms can save money by avoiding the inconvenience of replacing concrete and have an elegant finished product in one  or two days!

Stain Resistant - GoldenLook is resistant to oil, grease, dirt, gasoline, etc., will clean up easily, and is especially advantageous for driveways and garages.

Easy to Clean - An occasional washing with a hose will keep GoldenLook beautiful.

Porous – Water runs through GoldenLook, eliminating standing water and allowing air circulation–making cooler than non-porous concrete and a more comfortable option to Kooldeck.

Elasticity - A 20% elasticity allows for most subsurface expansion and contraction.

Durability - GoldenLook professional grade epoxy stone systems are designed to withstand foot and automobile traffic.

Easy to Repair - Over time, our system has a distinct advantage over other similar products used for the repair of concrete. The epoxy stone system can be repaired aesthetically with the same natural stone.

Weather Resistant -  GoldenLook products are installed across the globe. From freezing to hot climates, the durability of this product is not effected.

Fast Cure - The GoldenLook epoxy stone system may be walked on the day after the installation, depending on ambient temperatures.

Low Cost Installation - GoldenLook costs less than tile, brick, slate, terrazzo or flagstone…and it’s easy to maintain.


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