GoldenLook DEK-FXRGoldenLook DEK-FXR

GoldenLook DEK-FXR

Prefer to Do-It-Yourself?

Has your epoxy stone become dull, lost a few stones, or just in need of a facelift?  MORE…

Available for purchase is our “Easy to Use” DEK-FXR installation kit.

The most economical option at the amazing low price of 48¢ per square foot!

The GoldenLook DifferenceThe GoldenLook Difference

The GoldenLook Difference

Did You Know Our Epoxy Stone is…
  • 5 Times Stronger than Concrete?
    Easily installed over your troubled concrete areas, whether it’s chipping or cracking.
  • 20% More Flexible than Concrete?
    Accommodates earth movement that causes plain concrete to crack in the first place.
  • Cooler Than Concrete?
    The porous surface area allows for air circulation—yet more comfortable than Kooldeck.
  • Yet Still Easy to Walk on?
    Our award winning crew of 20 years+ hand trowels the natural stone perfectly flat, making a comfortable walking surface.

Pick Your Color…

Garage Floor MagicGarage Floor Magic

Garage Floor Magic

Want a Showroom Floor TODAY?
  • A Meticulous Home for Your Prized Possessions
    Luxurious High-Gloss Coating , Durable, Slip Resistant
  • Excellent Looks with Matching Performance
    Absolutely Not Subject to Hot Tire Pickup!
  • Unmatched 10 Year Warranty
    The Integrity of the Overlay Will Far Exceed 10 Years!
  • Great for High Traffic Areas
    Garage Floors, Utility Rooms, Recreation Facilities, etc.
  • Drive on in 2 Days!
    Year-Round Installation Available – Rain or Shine
  • Easy to Clean
    Resistant to Most Automotive Fluids

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