Anne-Marie Shallcross

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Anne-Marie Shallcross
Director of Sales

Anne-Marie grew up helping her father. She can provide many beautiful solutions to a wide array of ugly concrete challenges—some that your general contractor may have even not considered.  At the initial consult, Anne-Marie will bring our product samples to your home or business to create a beautiful and lasting value-add to your property.


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GoldenLook is an innovative epoxy aggregate resurfacing system designed to provide the ultimate solution to beautify concrete. All types of concrete areas are aesthetically improved with the textured look of GoldenLook applied directly over problem areas. THE OLD SURFACE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE REMOVED. It is permanently concealed! GoldenLook can be applied over virtually any solid surface with proper preparation providing an easy solution to cracked, gray aging concrete, contractors errors or weathering. GoldenLook installations will add years of visual beauty to any property.
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